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PERSONA : Àtor – The One Without U


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text: Tamar Hayduke – music: Sebastian Themessl images: pixabay Public domain imagerylayout: Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi                Q&A Projects 2017

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             still frame, the “-vi-” series, Tamar Hayduke, 2017

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The syncope of the syllable “vi” within the word “movimento” (movement) gives rise to the word “momento” (moment). The images of the «-vi-» series are considered in analogy with the lost syllable: mo-vi-mento. They are frames taken from footages of road trips, yet having no intent to representing moments of those trips. A reflected portrait on the train window overlaps the passing landscape and somehow alludes to stories that never happened.
The expressions of a face are ephemeral, the profile of a territory and the quiet of a landscape, instead, are monumental. Here the shade of the expression acts almost as a background, as if the monumental occurred within the ephemeral. Memory is not the past.




1persona_18-02-16Tamar Hayduke, Cappella dell’Incoronazione, Palermo, 18.03.2016

Host: ORIGINI a project by Dimora Oz art factory,
Riso: Contemporary Art Museum of Sicily

Language is the place where we originate. Revisiting our own language and investigating its limits can be equivalent to exploring the limits of the worlds in which we live. The word persona comes from the Latin per-sonar: resounding through. So was called the mask worn on stage by actors in ancient times.
4 masks, metaphors for the 4 languages that form the ‘persona’ of the author, are alternated to give voice to 4 monologues articulated in different formulas between singing and reading.




still frame by TH
still frame, from the “vi” series, Tamar Hayduke 2015

OGGI is a poem and a “recital for voice and computer”.
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In the poem the word Oggi (means today) is repeated continuously; 279 times, or to-days, as the length of a human pregnancy. «adopted this number as a marking point to end a flow which could keep going on and on». OGGI is a reflection of the “geography” of time, a place where worlds “occur”; A succession of images, of overlapped signified and signifiers, of ideas and abstractions. The full text is published in a limited edition of 279 copies by Numero Cromatico Editore, 2015 ISBN: 978-88-940734-4-7
The music, composed by Arsen Babajanyan; is structured in several movements. OGGI as a live event is proposed in art galleries, libraries, museums and theaters.


I T I N E R A R I O 1  |  book



«itinerario 1» is a monograph documenting a period of intensive production in the work of Amir Yeke It contains six sections referring to six solo exhibitions of his works held between 2010 and 2012     Prinp Editoria d’Arte 2.0    ISBN: 8897677231
curator: Tamar Hayduke  –  editing: Stefano Pirazzoli  –  layout: Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi, studio MJRAS  –  photography: Daniele Ragazzi, Franco Noto, Riccardo Ragazzi  –  translation: Clare Giuliani, Myriam Laplante  –  texts: Alice Devecchi, Andrea Guastella, Giovanna dalla Chiesa, Roberto Bua, Silvia Cuppini, Tamar Hayduke


S L O W L Y  |  video



music: Alessandro Ceccangeli
video: Tamar Hayduke
editing: Stefano Pirazzoli


C A O S  |  one shot video



music: Alessandro Ceccangeli
video: Tamar Hayduke

«A journalist […] researches and diffuses every piece of information that he considers of public interest in observance of truth and with a wide accuracy of it.» Charterof Duties of Journalists, CNOGFNSI, 8 July 1993. Combining the word Chaos with the image of a butterfly creates an expectation. The butterfly, however, is static; The movement pertains to the observer (to the shooting camera). The “butterfly effect” is replaced by some “news effect”; Chaos owing to the confusion generated by mass media.


«Give the city a hand»
political campaign – commissioned clips




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  transparency p.spot1_cover a tailor-made city  p.clip_cover  reorganizationp.clip3_cover

art director and copywriter
F.P. and Tamar Hayduke


OGGI  |  video



The full audio is 40 minutes long.
This video represents a 3 mn abstract.

composer:     Arsen Babajanyan
author:     Tamar Hayduke
performers:  Tamar Hayduke (voice)
Arsen Babajanyan (instruments: computer music)
video by Tamar Hayduke