Tamar Hayduke

(copywriter . creative director)

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Tamar Hayduke was born in Syria in 1981 to an Armenian family. She lived in her native city, Aleppo, until the end of high school. In 1999 she moved to Armenia to graduate later in 2003 from the Yerevan State University with a degree in Journalism. «I decided to learn about mediology in order to capture what is not invisible… and to learn about language, as a means to comprehend the process of framing questions and answers». Along with the exercise in the field of communication, she cultivated the art of singing, studying with vocal coaches both in Armenia and in Italy, where she lives since 2008. In 2010 she founded Q&A Projects, an activity engaged in communications and public relations. In 2014 she enrolled in the Association of Journalists of Italy. In 2015 she published her first book entitled “OGGI” with Numero Cromatico Editore.
In parallel to content development and teaching activity, she works on her own poetic project. Verbal expression lies at the core of her work«The history of words and their sonorities are clues; they constitute a generative unit of reflections and ideas that later become poetry, prose or imageries…»
Her artistic practice includes experiments in videography and photography; She captures reflections and superimposed images. As a performer, she presents her poetry and writings in monologue recitations and readings collaborating with musicians and composers.

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