OGGI / Tamar Hayduke

by Q&A projects

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«OGGI» is a poem in which the word ‘oggi’ (which means today) is repeated 279 times, as the number of the days of pregnancy, adopted to stop a flux which could go on indefinitely.
The text is written over a period of a year, usually in public places. The first fragments were composed as sms. It is a reflection of the “geography” of the present time, of today; A flow of words which circumscribe ideas, images and sounds.

«OGGI» is published by Numero Cromatico 2015, ISBN: 978-88-940734-4-7

in a limited edition of 279 copies.

«OGGI» as a live event is proposed as an ad hoc constructed “reading” with a duration between 20 and 60 minutes. Besides the author, it can involve performers of different musical instruments and visual arts.

video links:

“Oggi Adamo guarda Eva stranito/ le dice che non gli va quella mela”

“Oggi cammino/… sulla tenebra del tuo riflesso/ nella memoria cammino”

“Oggi dietro le nuvole un sole/ dietro gli occhi nuvole/ nebbia”